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Large And Heavy Item Moving Services in Tucson, AZ

AZ Moving Authority provides large and heavy item moving services in Tucson, AZ, to homeowners who are unable to handle the moving of their heavy items and want to ensure their safety during the move. We offer a respectful and professionally trained moving crew for handling the loading, transporting, unloading, and arranging of large and heavy items in your new home. We are committed to making your move a stress-free experience.

Loading And Unloading Of Heavy Items

To make the moving experience more convenient, we offer a loading and unloading service to customers who want to rent their moving truck but need someone to load and offload their large and heavy items. Depending on what items you’re moving, the process can be difficult and tiresome. We have years of experience in moving all types of items, and we’ll make sure nothing gets damaged during the move.

Service Benefits

We offer accurate, free-of-charge, and no-obligation estimates for our moving services.

Our moving team is efficient, but we don’t rush our work. Your items are important to us, and we make sure to be efficient with our timing while taking appropriate measures to lessen the risk of damage.

We would never rush our work because our mandate is to prevent any chance of damaging your belongings.